1:1 Coaching

For the woman ready to go all in on the life and business of her wildest dreams.

For the women who not only want financial success but want to do it with ease and in HER unique way.

Who wants to build a business around her preferred life not a life from what's left after her business.

For the woman who is ready to treat herself with the full level of support in rising to her greatest potential. Who knows that by pouring into herself at the highest level of support allows her to break through new levels in record time.

Forget treading lightly, this is for the woman who wants to jump off the deep end with the luxurious support of a coach and partner to support her go deep to rise so much higher.

I’ll help you shatter the shoulds in your life and business and show up as the truest version of you. The you that is scratching the surface of your fullest potential and ready to burst through.

I will help you see the blind spots and call you forward in the highest level of your power.

I will hold you in your highest vision and help you create a unique pathway forward.

I will help you get to the place that you dream to be and are born to be in your business and in your life.

I see you as a whole person in business and in life and hold space for what's coming up in all areas.

I use a mix of modalities such as yoga, breathwork, and mindset practices to help you root into your innate         and continue to regulate your nervous system in scaling higher.


Basically, you have my energy and brain in your business as a partner for rapid life, leadership, and business expansion.

What's Included:

Up to 3 private coaching calls per month for strategizing as much as you need

Private Voxer Support for wins and support on demand

On-Demand Access to my full Training Portal and resource vault (Including InstaBiz Growth Accelerator, Monetize your Magic, Soul Revival, Elevated Events and more)

Access to all of my live programs during our time together

Access to my yoga and leadership retreat during your package.

What's The Investment?

6 months at $12k paid in full. Payment plans available by request.


by application only

"I would highly recommend Kat as a business coach."

- Danielle H.

I was teaching yoga and barre classes before working with Kat. I knew in my heart that I was meant for something bigger and more profitable, that would help more women. After my first call with Kat, I had created a list of pain points, written my mission statement, updated my Instagram bio, and started market research on Instagram. Kat has been by my side with any questions that come up and I feel supported in this process! 

I already have more clarity and direction - which started out as my biggest concern. Kat helped me discover this in our FIRST session! I left feeling lighter, excited, and confident.  I would highly recommend Kat as a business coach. She is incredibly helpful, compassionate, and encouraging all at once. She gets right to the point and progresses you through your goals, and values your time. She has a wealth of knowledge and clearly communicates with her clients.

"I would 100% recommend working with Kat and her mentorship program!"

"When I first began working with Kat, I was succeeding in every way, even more quickly than I had imagined! I've learned how to market, promote and SELL over social media and with Kat's help, I've doubled my social media following!!
The biggest non-tangible result from working with Kat has been a shift in confidence. Most importantly it was the COURAGE to be able to sell something online. This shift of talking into the camera and putting my work out there has been an invaluable lesson for me!
For anyone who is looking to grow their business I would 100% recommend working with Kat and her mentorship program!"

- Danielle F.

"I was able to grow my following and connect with more potential clients."

"Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. My self-confidence in my business is so much higher and everything is so much clearer now with how I want to run my business. While working with Kat in the Be Well VIP program, I was able to grow my following and connect with more potential clients. I gained clarity in my business and now know exactly who I'm talking to, what I'm talking about, and how to reach my ideal client.

I would absolutely recommend Kat as a business coach. The Be Well Mentorship was the perfect first step in diving into my first coaching experience and having a coach behind me to grow my business."

- KIM B.

I have a unique ability in spotting the holes in the process while also seeing you in your fullest potential and helping you expand the vision for what's possible for you. I pride myself in staying grounded during even the most chaotic times and will root you back into the reality of your greatness so that you can move through any obstacles that arise quickly and with more ease.

If you want a beautiful blend of the strategy and the spiritual,  

I'm the coach for you!