Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind

For Soul-Led female entrepreneurs ready to soar to 6 or multi 6 figures with freedom & alignment

You know that true wealth is achieved as a whole woman in body, soul, and business and you are ready to          your next level of impact and income while committing to fulfillment and ease.



"We broke through blocks and limiting beliefs that had held me back  for years."

- Sarah l. (Energetic Healer and coach)

"Before working with Kat, I had hit a wall on where to go next with my business…I felt a lot of blocks when it came to believing in myself and the process.
I was challenged with a lot of resistance around the idea of failure, success, and money. However, after working with Kat together, we broke through these blocks and limiting beliefs that had held me back for years. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Kat's program. Finally, I have the tools to continue confidently in my business.

I would recommend taking the leap and investing in yourself. There is no better time than now. Investing in your business will be essential if you are all in, and I am so grateful I did. It's normal to feel not ready or fear, but abundance, growth, and success are the other side of that. "

You have created a beautiful business foundation and you are ready to collapse time in scaling it to it's limitless potential while creating an equally beautiful, spacious , and limitless life to match it.

You know that in order to do this and build wealth in all aspects of your life you need to work smarter, not harder. 

Forget the nonstop grind and confusing funnels that steal your time and don't produce real results. 

It’s time to tap into the true magic, your innate power, and amplify it out into the world on a large scale.

To do this, you need to fully commit to your big vision and take bold action that matches the future you are stepping into.

You need simple but effective systems and a team that is as bought into your bigger mission as you are.

You need a profitable product suite that guides your clients seamlessly through the transformation.

You are here to break all the rules of the linear pathway to success and collapse time in your dream life and business.

Here’s the truth…

You are ready for the next level of financial and lifestyle 



Launches feel exciting and easeful instead of exhausting and draining and you know that having fun and doing more of what you love only fuels your success.

You wake up in the morning thrilled to get to work. You have freedom in your schedule and autonomy in your life.

Imagine for a moment…

You run a thriving business that is changing lives and making a massive impact every day, not to mention the overflow of abundance pouring into it.

You are challenged but so fulfilled which keeps you excited for the next milestone to come.

You're not stressing over rollercoaster sales or where leads will come from because fall from the sky dream clients happen on the regular and you have the support of simple systems to create ease in the process. 

You run sold out programs and elevated events and retreats of your dreams filled with DREAM clients.

You are boldly speaking your truth and accomplishing your bigger vision goals like expanding your company, speaking on stages, writing your best selling book, and you're surrounded by a community of incredible women that are aligned with your mission and rooting for your continued success.

You have a small but mighty team that you communicate effortlessly with and feel more like best friends supporting your growth and freeing up your time to focus in your zone of genius.

You are collaborating with your mastermind sisters and expanding your visions while feeling so supported by a mentor you trust to bounce ideas off of, strategize, and feel held in the process of integration.

You soar to new heights in a timeline that doesn't even make sense.


The 6 month soul-led, purpose-powered rocketship of growth for powerful, soul-led coaches & wellpreneurs to rapidly build wealth in body, mind, and business.

Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind

meet the

Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind

meet the

The 6 month soul-led, purpose-powered rocketship of growth for soul-led coaches & wellpreneurs to rapidly build wealth in body, mind, and business.

Create more ease and enjoyment in your launches 

You’ll Be Able To:

Build and fine tune SIMPLE systems to help you scale with ease

Build and fine tune your profitable product suite that continues to nurture your clients in their transformation and pour back into the growth of your business

Hone your voice and create magnetic messaging that speaks directly to your dream clients

Learn a heart centered sales approach and visibility strategies that lead with service and allow for an ecosystem of soulmate leads consistently entering your world

Create elevated, high-impact events and retreats that allow you to both build your brand and connect more deeply to your community

Get my eyes on your branding, messaging, programs, and events to make tweaks and offer insight that allows for greater growth and conversion

Expand your vision for what's possible and create a roadmap to achieve it

In your 1:1 sessions we get crystal clear on your roadmap to success. On our first call together we map out your journey and dive into your mindset, offers, sales strategy, and messaging to create an undeniable plan for success. In the remaining 1:1 calls you receive high impact, dialed in coaching to implement, integrate and embody your rapid expansion. 


Monthly Deep Dive 1:1 Strategy Calls with Kat

Bi- Weekly 90 minute mastermind coaching calls to give you an added layer of 1:1 coaching and group support to hold you accountable and motivate you to keep taking aligned action. Stay plugged into the current for growth.

Bi-weekly Mastermind Calls

Between calls you can dive into my other programs and courses like InstaBiz Growth Accelerator, Monetize Your Magic, Soul Revival, and Elevated Events so that you can show up to the live calls ready to get questions answered and plans co created without cutting into our live coaching time together.

Lifetime Access to Resource Library and New Live Programs

Wealthy & Well Woman

(Value $7k)

(Value $6k)

(Value $10k)

Say goodbye to running your business solo! In our private voxer group you can connect with a community of like minded soul-led women taking courageous action in their life and business to celebrate, motivate, and support you as you stretch. You can also drop questions here and get coached by Kat DAILY! You now have a full support team in your back pocket.

Private Community of Incredible Soul-led Entrepreneurs

Receive a featured interview on the Wealthy & Well Woman Podcast and have your magic highlighted to Kat's audience of over 10k

A feature on the podcast 

Ranging from healing and embodiment workshops to dialed in strategy you get experts on specific topics popping in as well as an entire library of past guest expert sessions to learn from.

Connect and mastermind in person on an all-inclusive immersive weekend retreat. Nourish your greatest asset, you! (travel not included)

*included for 12 month commitment or available as an add on at a discounted rate - reach out for details

Guest Expert Training Vault & Bonus Sessions

4-day luxe retreat *



(Value $5k)

(Value $5k)

Here’s What’s Included inside of The


6 Months for $9k 

But you get access to all of it for a fraction of that price.

12 months for $15k

Yes, that's a total Value of $40K+!!!

If you're like most people, a 5 figure investment feels stretchy and maybe a little terrifying. I know that you aren't like most people.

You are a powerful visionary and bold action taker. You are excited to pay in before it pays out because you know  that the return will pour into you and your expansion for years to come. This is a multi 6 - 7 figure CEO move and you know where you are headed.

Know that if I accept you into this container it's because I fiercely believe that it will be transformational to your life and business and pay you back for years to come.


You’re a bold, soul led entrepreneur who is ready to truly step into your power to lead a MOVEMENT and leave a LEGACY. You want to do it with ease by blending masculine strategy with feminine flow and energetics.

This is for you if…

You’ve got the business basics down with at least 1 proven offer that you are excited to expand on in big ways. This is a true coaching container more than a teaching container. You have access to my full training vault to dive into between our calls.

You’ve got the mindset basics down and have committed to personal development work making you ready to lean into your edge confidently.

You want to prioritize the wealth of mind, body, and business expansion and commit to having more fun and enjoyment in the process of scaling.

You are ready to truly show up consistently and be seen. You are an action taker who will implement fiercely in order to scale a multi 6+ figure business.

You’re craving dialed-in, high-impact coaching support and the sisterhood of other like minded, soul led women to hold you accountable, expand your vision, and mirror your innate power back to you.

You are ready to make high level tweaks and fine tune your strategy while also delivering excellent service to your clients so that you can continue to scale, create, and enjoy your life.

I’m a business coach for bold, soul-led female entrepreneurs, host of the Wealthy & Well Woman Podcast, a 700hr trained yoga instructor and YACEP certified teacher trainer, and founder of Be Well Events.

My zone of genius is mixing energetics , divine strategy, feminine leadership, and aligned community growth to help you expand more rapidly than you could have imagined while truly seeing you and your gifts and holding you in your highest vision. 

I’m a huge proponent of mixing yoga, mindset, wellness, and healing work with tangible business work to support you in rising to your maximum potential. I believe energy is your business superpower so doing what lights you up, fueling your body well, prioritizing movement, and nurturing yourself through self-care are just as important as systems and strategy—and you need both to thrive.

In the Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind we focus on whole woman expansion which in my experience is THE driving force behind your business and financial success. 

Hi, I’m Kat!

I can’t wait to meet you.!

I teach you a holistic approach to scaling your business. One that focuses on your mental and physical health just as much as the strategy so that you LOVE the journey as much as the end result.

Creating strong boundaries and building wealth in every area of your life and business, not ONLY financially.

You have intimate access to me, my experience, and my attention to your business growth so that you can get all of your questions answered and receive the personalized coaching support that will truly support the vortex of transformation you're stepping into. 

Inside the Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind you have a business partner, incredible support system and network of expanders PLUS an experienced yoga instructor, successful wellness events company founder,  and mentor wrapped into one program to support you in achieving those BIG goals you were made for.

If you know it’s time to take the foundations you’ve built and expand BIGGER to more impact. More wealth. More freedom. More knowing. More ease. More flow. More leadership. More authenticity. More vulnerability. More community. 

What makes the Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind Different?

It’s time for you to        inside The Wealthy & Well Woman Mastermind. 


Can I just join next time?

You can always delay your growth but why would you want to? If you are ready to truly expand and reach your wildest dream status there is no other time but now. The investment will also likely keep rising as we continue to expand.


What if I've already made 6 or multi 6 figures in my business, should I still join?

This is for the soul led entrepreneur that wants to expand deeper and rise higher while being held in a supportive container with high impact group and 1:1 coaching over the next 6 -12 months. If this aligns with your goals then absolutely!


How much access will I have to Kat?

A ton!!! Outside of your monthly 1:1 sessions (which is the most private support currently offered outside of VIP coaching) you get coached by Kat in the monthly mastermind calls, bonus masterclass training, and daily in the voxer group. 


Can you tell me more about the retreat?

Of course! This is a 4 day luxe leadership retreat experience that is designed to nourish your greatest asset, you. Accommodations and food are included. You can expect LIVE hot seat coaching with Kat, yoga classes, a photoshoot, and bonus workshops.


What if I can’t make the retreat?

The retreat is a bonus and is not an additional charge so the price stays the same. Kat runs at least 2 retreats a year so you may be able to join another retreat if you know you won’t be able to join.


You were born to achieve those MASSIVE visions inside of you.

If you have butterflies and fear creeping up, that's a great sign.

Every life changing decision and investment I have made to get further towards my dream life has felt the same way, it means you’re on the right path.

Just by deciding to invest in yourself at this level is enough to radically shift the way you show up and help catapult you towards your wildest dream status, in life and business.

My question to you is, 

Will you step forward to the expansion that’s calling you?

If you’ve read all the way here then I’ll leave you with this.

will you answer?